Healthcare Systems

COVID-19 and Health Overview:

  1. Stability and flexibility of the healthcare system
  2. Health and safety of healthcare professionals
  3. Initiatives towards digitalization of healthcare services
  4. Availability and management of public healthcare resources and tech support
  5. Emotional and mental health of individuals during the pandemic

What is the most important measurement in the realm of COVID-19?

-Dennis k mcbride

Dr. McBride introduced the US healthcare system(s) as complex, adaptive system(s) and as a wicked problem. He explained that these two systems existed as a public health system that was loosely coupled with a private healthcare system. McBride poses the question of key indicators in relation to COVID-19, and discusses the influence of politics on key performance indicators while stating that hospitalizations are the main key performance indicator when determining response to health crises, such as COVID-19. He also introduces the impact of the relationship between economics and healthcare as well as the impact of the media and healthcare.

His full presentation on Healthcare in the US and COVID-19 is below:

To view the Phase I Playlist, click here

Initially people were not accepting this is a virus, this is a pandemic

-Dr. Abdul Bari Khan

Dr. Bari begins his presentation by providing important demographics of Pakistan. He details that 21 percent of the population of Pakistan lives below the poverty line, majority of people lack access to clean water and that 70 percent of healthcare is out of pocket. He also notes that are are 9.6 doctors for every 10,000 individuals. Dr. Bari also notes the relationship between media, predominantly social media, and healthcare in Pakistan as it played a major role in initial denial of the severity of the virus. As the lockdown in Pakistan closed global borders, there was a negative impact on resource allocation. The private sector worked on increasing capacity for testing.

To learn more about Healthcare in Pakistan and COVID-19, watch Dr. Bari’s full presentation below:

To view the Phase I Playlist, click here

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