Policy Implementation

COVID-19 and Policy Implementation Overview:

  1. Issues of good governance and government legitimacy, popular public opinion.
  2. Development of relevant economic policies.
  3. Committing and execution to SDG’s.
  4. Immigration and internal displacement policies.

When we’re going to talk about policy, we have to decide what kind of information we want to lean on.

-Kingsley Haynes

Haynes describes three main types of data that can influence policy in regards to COVID-19. The first is tracking infection rates, which the first model used proved inaccurate. He describes shifting to a new model, called the Gompertz function, which follows an S shape curve. Haynes also notes how increased testing can alter infection data. The second kind of data that could be used is hospitalization data, which could also be inaccurate due to individuals not seeking hospital stays because of lack of health insurance. The last kind of data that could be used is tracking COVID-19 related deaths. Haynes also notes that regional distinction is an important factor in creating policy.

Haynes presentation on Policy and COVID-19 in the US is below:

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Any policy if it is people-centric and looks after their welfare, then it is a good policy.

-Ambassador (r) Tajammul Altaf

Former diplomat and foreign secretary, Ambassador (r) Tajammul Altaf, details how policy is formulated in Pakistan and the impact of COVID-19 on public policy, healthcare system, economy, and overall impacts on society in Pakistan. He notes how there was an initial lack of understanding and coordination in beginning to address COVID-19. He mentions utilizing smart lockdowns that target specifically red zones, which is in contrast to the initial response of determining the necessity of lockdowns and mentally preparing people for tracing, testing, and isolating. He concludes is presentation on how public policy will need to be adjusted accordingly based on advanced understanding on the dynamics of COVID-19 and will require a global cooperation.

Ambassador (r) Tajammul Altaf’s presentation on Policy in Pakistan and COVID-19 is below:

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