COVID-19 and the Family Overview:

  1. Concerns for family structures.
  2. Rebinding family value vs increase in family conflicts.
  3. Concerns for child psychology in families.
  4. Effects of changing socio-economic factors.
  5. Gender-based differential opinions and responses to COVID 19.

We’re all sort of in our little hives. And we’re all dealing with it as individuals. So there doesn’t seem to be very much sense of community in dealing with COVID in the United States.

-Patricia masters

Masters focuses on discusses the differences in responses to and experiences with COVID-19 between social classes in the US. Access to room for isolation after exposure becomes privileged when lower class workers who live in multi-generational homes don’t necessarily have the space to individually quarantine, however they do serve to provide support emotionally. She also notes that there are not specific social services and counseling for COVID-19 provided in the US like there are in Pakistan.

Masters presentation on the impact of COVID-19 and the Family in the US is below:

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The impact on the family is the feeling of uncertainty. They are facing a different kind of unpredictability in life, and they are waiting for a normal life.

-Prof. Dr. Anila Amber Malik 

Dr. Malik takes a psycho-social approach on the impact of COVID-19 to family dynamics in Pakistan. She notes that it is important to look at how families are adjusting in lockdown and isolation and especially how children are adapting to this new normal. Malik describes how living under the stress of COVID-19 invites many vulnerabilities in the family life, especially for children and families who care for elderly family members. Malik emphasizes the importance of facilitating programs that offer emotional and psychological crisis support to families during this pandemic.

Dr. Malik’s presentation on the impact of COVID-19 on the family in Pakistan is below:

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