Legislative Response

Legislative Response and COVID-19 Overview:

  1. Rational and responsive legislative initiatives.
  2. Public health emergency policy.
  3. Aid, Relief and Security policy for health professionals.
  4. Socio-Economic factors – employment, household income, social, security, human development etc.

When Americans set out to create government and designed the system we have today, it was deliberately designed to make the government as ineffective, as inefficient, and as inconsistent as possible.

-Ed Rhodes

Ed Rhodes details the beginning of American government as it is seen today, and describes how this intentional design of the federal government prevents said government from being able to respond efficiently and effectively without a single sovereign. Founders of American government decided you could not give legislative power to one legislature so it could not become too powerful or tyrannical, and instead created two separate units designed to disagree and create legislative gridlock as well as an independent executive branch. He notes a deep commitment of American public that is still believes that self-ownership is a direct right which provided a narrow perspective of the role of government which hasn’t evolved much, and resulted in the ineffective response to COVID-19 because the system was built to prevent it.

Ed Rhodes presentation on Legislative Response on COVID-19 is below:

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There is a gap between the federation and provinces.

-M Azhar Siddique

Azhar describes communication gaps between local provinces and federal government in Pakistan. He describes how the federal government is determining ways to fill these gaps in order to regulate the spread of COVID-19 and protect the economy through ordinances and a strict lockdown. He also mentions regulations involving testing, tracing, additional restrictions at religious events as well as establishing fines

Azhar’s presentation on COVID-19 and Legislative Responses in Pakistan is below:

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